The Power of Giving in Networking: Tips for Building Meaningful Relationships Through Reciprocity

3 min readJun 13, 2023

At its core, networking is about relationship building — a mutual exchange of value. A significant part of this exchange is giving, an act that goes beyond simply sharing business cards or LinkedIn profiles. In the context of networking, giving means sharing your time, expertise, resources, and support to benefit others in your network. This blog post delves into the concept of giving in networking and shares strategies and examples for building meaningful relationships through reciprocity, a fundamental aspect of community networking.

The Art of Giving in Networking

Giving is a powerful tool for forging strong, beneficial connections. Through giving, you can show others your willingness to invest in relationships, contributing to a sense of trust and camaraderie. The true power of giving, however, lies in the concept of reciprocity. When you provide value to others, you encourage a reciprocal relationship, creating a network that is mutually supportive and beneficial. This is the essence of effective networking, or online community building.

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Tips for Building Meaningful Relationships Through Reciprocity

1) Provide Value to Others

When networking, always seek ways to offer value to others. This might involve sharing your expertise, providing helpful resources, or offering insightful advice on industry trends. Providing value is not about grand gestures but consistent, small actions that show you are invested in the relationship.

For example, if you’re in a marketing profession and come across a research article about a new trend, you could share it with your network who may find it helpful. This act, though small, demonstrates your commitment to providing value and fostering mutual growth.

2) Offer Assistance and Support

Offering assistance and support is another powerful form of giving. This might involve volunteering your skills for a project, providing feedback, or even supporting someone’s ideas during a meeting.

For instance, if you notice a team member struggling with a project you’re familiar with, offering your expertise or guidance not only aids their immediate problem but also builds a bond of trust and camaraderie.

3) Make Meaningful Introductions

Another way to practice giving is by introducing people within your network who may benefit from knowing each other. By connecting people, you are creating value for them and contributing to the growth of your professional community. Remember, a successful networker not only builds connections for themselves but also facilitates connections between others.

For example, imagine you meet someone at a conference who is looking for a graphic designer for their startup. You remember that a friend from college recently started a graphic design business. By connecting these two individuals, you’ve potentially helped solve a problem for both parties and, in the process, deepened your relationship with each of them.

4) Nurture Relationships Through Consistent Engagement

It takes time and effort to build relationships. It’s not about exchanging business cards at a conference, but maintaining regular contact and consistently offering value. This might involve sharing relevant articles, providing industry updates, or simply checking in to see how they’re doing.

For instance, consider you come across a significant update in your industry that could potentially impact your colleagues. Sending them a quick message saying, “Just came across this industry update. Let’s discuss if you have any thoughts or ideas,” can go a long way. Not only does this strengthen your relationship, but it also encourages collaborative learning and problem-solving, providing both you and your colleagues with career development opportunities.

The Power of Giving

Networking should not be viewed as a self-serving venture but as an opportunity to cultivate relationships through the power of giving. By focusing on providing value, offering support, making introductions, and nurturing relationships, you build a robust network based on trust, respect, and mutual benefit. The power of giving in networking lies in its capacity to create a ripple effect that not only enriches your professional life but also contributes to a more collaborative and supportive professional community, the bedrock of effective community networking.




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