HR Tech Pitchfest win! CollabWORK named most innovative startup using AI

3 min readOct 17, 2023

We’re still reeling with excitement from our time at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas.

From being named the most innovative startup using AI to the overwhelming number of people who stopped by our booth, the CollabWORK team was blown away by the interest in our community-powered approach to hiring.

Below are some of our observations, learnings and most memorable moments from HR Tech.

The future of talent acquisition

We spoke to a lot of amazing HR leaders at the conference who expressed concern over mass layoffs that occurred this past year, and with economic uncertainty still looming those fears aren’t going away anytime soon.

The question on many minds: will talent acquisition teams return?

No matter what size your company is, we heard time and time again that there are not enough resources for recruiting teams. Whether businesses don’t have the budget for sourcers or the existing team is now responsible for wearing multiple hats, CollabWORK can help your business needs by automatically distributing your jobs to the best networks.

Passive talent has never been more valuable

The old metric to measure recruitment success? Time to hire.

While that fact remains, the quality of candidates is key to speeding up the process. So how do you get better quality candidates?

The industry is recognizing the best candidates are passive talent, or those who may not actively be looking for their next opportunity but are the most qualified and actively engaged in their field.

CollabWORK gives you access to the “Hidden Job Market” where top talent network, upskill and discover trusted opportunities through digital online communities. These people aren’t on job boards. We meet candidates where they are: on trusted networks on Slack, Discord, email listservs and others.

These talent pools have been untapped — until now. CollabWORK seamlessly connects HR and recruiting teams to these talent pools at scale.

Consolidation of the tech stack

For years, HR technology companies have focused on niche interests and capabilities by narrowing in on different parts of the HR tech stack (recruitment, performance management, compensation and benefits, talent retention, learning & development, etc.).

Now the market is seeing more and more that companies want to have all of these new capabilities with fewer vendors.

CollabWORK is a partner that works on top of your existing tools. We integrate with 40+ Applicant Tracking Systems and other platforms automatically after a short 5-minute setup, making us one less login teams need to remember.

We also nurture community relationships and integrate with talent networks directly so our customers don’t have to. This approach benefits companies by getting their opportunities directly in front of the right talent without their HR and tech teams needing to form and maintain these independent, unique relationships.

What is the future of AI in HR?

Interest in AI was varied at the conference. We were told some buyers were sent by their company to buy any and all AI solutions. Other attendees were told by their companies to not touch AI at all.

The industry is wrestling with what AI-enabled solutions will prevail and what adoption will look like.

At CollabWORK, we are introducing an AI-enabled, yet human verified, solution that identifies top-talent pools at scale. We are compliant with AI bias laws to not replace humans in terms of verification and screening, but to automatically enable them to reach top-tier talent where they congregate.

DEI efforts

We heard time and time again that DEI efforts remain critical for hiring teams. CollabWORK works to ensure jobs posted to our platform are promoted to diverse and qualified talent pools

45% of the communities we partner with have a DEI focus.

The most innovative startup using AI

That’s the award CollabWORK won at HR Tech!

We’re beyond thrilled that our mission of community-powered hiring and the innovative tech we’re building to integrate with our community partners resonated, getting us this Pitchfest win out of the 100+ startups at the conference.

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